Letters In Boxes

by Author of the Moment

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released February 24, 2012

Produced by Curtis Douglas in Kapax Studios



all rights reserved


Author of the Moment Tempe, Arizona

This project is based on the concept of combining Emotion, Meaning, Melody, and Words into one cohesive sound so that the mind can feel as if it's in the Past, Present, or Future.

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Track Name: Parlay
I know it hurts
somewhere I felt you last night
Remember those dreams? It seems
You're back to take lives

"tell me you care"
"no, I don't
I'm your old oversight"
Ill tell you "don't dare, I'm anew
with my old oversight"

"ill be different now, I won't stand and bow"
I'm bold face lying
"you won't smother me, here is my heart to keep"


Ill sleep inside through the night
Warm in delight, you and I
In my dreams.
We're so in sync we believe
All of the things that we speak
"I love you"

I heard somewhere, there's a place
Where I won't know you
She said with a smile
"you won't find what you're looking for"
Daylight with no sun
To you I'm above
what you think is just childish dreaming
don't stray off too far
the hold's getting hard
Forbid you'll find how to awaken.

When I awake, there's a smile
soon gone; I realize
you're still here with me and I believed
all the things you speak
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Track Name: Together
I'd be lying if i said i could make your dreams come true

ignorance fails to see that i have my own dreams too

i lied this wont get better when we fall

but then again you never thought we'd get this far

This leap of faith is far from grace

and I'm falling

jumping in; no one wins

take it slow

and although i wont admit the fact that im at home

i cry alone when i leave you

please understand that what i said right from the start, i meant it

meant every word and even more but now they're far, too far
Track Name: Forever; Until It's Over
You're more beautiful then all the stories

the ones that you read, then dream of your king

You're young, I am fresh

teach me what i need

i wanna believe my heart is your beat

But what am I falling in love for?

can't help that it's you that i adore

But what am i falling in love for?

can it be you that i explore?

When you touch my lips, send me to my dreams

because i don't deserve you under my sheets

I wanna believe my heart is your take

take it away; there's no one who's worthy

but you
Track Name: D.A.M.N.Y.C
It's been two years since those words

i don't care if things get worse

I've been living in my pity for too long

and if you think I'll be sorry then you're wrong


my whole life all I've heard are those beautiful lies

what can I do when i want to be played by

the strings you pull

it took two months; you were lost

I'm left with what i thought was love in my heart

for once don't be so weak

I'll write on your notes you've not seen

Stay with me
Track Name: Reconstruction
My mind expects to play out
The things i know i need now
The room above takes too long
I'll play your song

A kiss on my lips
A heart is my gift
you stare with those eyes
to my surprise

I woke up and just knew
What i was never
Sure with you

But now shes dressed all in black
The faces, strangest to react
I see, the ring

A kiss on my lips
A heart is my gift
You stare with those eyes
To my surprise

I woke up and just knew
What i was never
Sure with you
Track Name: Do As Me
saw you in the corner of my mind today
it was the day you move away
to myself i said id never write to you
I lied, there's nothing left to do
You sure know how to stay
and all the while I've been playing games
told her that it was "my heart, it beats for you"


I guess I still miss you
I guess I still wish you
Fought for me
I'm done now, but not you
what else can we do
Till Closure

what makes a man go out and claim a heart for sport?
in a trench, alone is last resort
about to jump without a chute
I did the time to find my life just wasn't you
left scars, Cliché by far

you're out for me
you'll fall off three
don't stay with me

i guess i still wish you...well
Track Name: Ink
I always said "my eyes are closed" your hand on
mine and "i see nothing"

see nothing

begin the time, you in my life, these bars are down, your searching for something

for nothing

Tear drop on your face

feel I can relate

but you know I don't

thought you had enough

wanna give you all my love

but I know I won't

Count down the days, come out and play, I'm your blood too

you know we all love you

we forgive you

as for me, you're the key

give alibi to my anger

I'm in danger

Tear drop on your face

feel I can relate

but you know I don't

thought you had enough

wanna give you all my love

but I know I won't

I've used you, but I've missed you

I've been alone and it shows

I've failed to list you

but I know I won't

I want things to be the same

but I know you; it won't
Track Name: Follow You
Calm down close your eyes
It's just us here tonight

your guard's up, I'll play fair
you're my breath of air

I don't know what to do
it's a classic "I want new"
Though you don't have a clue

How I Do


Just want you
to tell me to
Follow you
To the place where it can
All come true;
Me and you
Me and you

It's so hard not to think
Will i swim or will I sink?
This moment's drowning in
I can hardly catch my breath

I wont say that I'm in love
but it feels like you're enough

For me to say that I

But I know, I know
your happy with the one you love true so
It's no game for me to play and break
your heart in pieces
but inside will sit regret if
I don't even get the chance to tell you that I..
Track Name: In Response
What the hell was I thinking?
Reading her words
they're sinking again
Every word that she wrote seems so close
to the things that I want

"what is it?"
I'll ask her from my ink
and "who did it?"
I'll always know it's me

Every lie lie that i read, she meant it
Will I dare to forgive her?


I won't be here when you come to catch me
Relive the tune
I hope you hear me from these lines

Our past marked the day
Of 10/3/08
Since then, I'm a wreck
replacing all of what's left

I'll still think you saved my life
from all the doubt left in my mind
but looking back, was I too kind
to let you in my mind?


I hope you hear me from these lines
I hope you hear me from these lines
Don't protect me with your lies

I hope you know of all
The troubles that you've caused

It's sad that we'll never be what was promised to me

I know we'll disagree
But I wish you had faith in me

I thought my heart was your take
Even though I don't blame you;
That's my mistake.